So I was all set to not make any long term plans for the new year. It doesn’t work out, and then I end up sad and upset about it…

Ah, what the heck.

This is going to be the year of Not Giving Up.

Amongst other things, this means not giving up on writing and publishing. Not giving up on exercise. Not giving up on healthy eating.

I don’t have specific goals for all three of those things yet. In fact, I didn’t have any goals for any of them until a minute ago. I read an article by Dean Wesley Smith on How to Keep Your Writing Going and not only was the advice timely, but it also feels manageable.

So my writing goal for the year is 500,000. At 1,500 words an hour, that’s a little less than 7 hours of writing a week for 50 weeks. I will admit, that’s not only a conservative hourly goal, but a boatload more words than I managed last year, when I (more as a joke than anything else) set a goal of 1,000,000 words. Yeah, no. This year’s writing comes in around 128,000, and that was one project.

Good news, 500,000 is achievable. Better news, it should be simple to overcome last year’s total. This year’s total. Whatever.

Regarding exercise and healthy eating, no real set goals yet, but I realize I need to come up with them or I won’t follow them. Them’s the facts, kids. No goals, how can you tell if you’re managing to meet them? I have (conveniently) got some rules about Not Giving Up, though (thank you, Mr. Smith, and the more important part of what I got from his article).

When life gets in the way and your goals get off track…

Don’t even once think about catching up. Can’t happen and will make things worse.

Climb back onto your set goal as soon as you are able.

If life alters so much as to make the original goal impossible, stop and reset a new goal and then stick to that.

Remember these suggestions.

I have a couple ideas on how to keep these front of mind, but I’m still playing around with them. Expect graphics and checklists, because I like graphics and checklists.

So that’s what I’m up to next year. Healthier, fitter, and more writing that will get published and move me towards writing as my day job. WHOO! Happy New Year, everyone.

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