Hmm, where to start. Honestly, I don’t know, except that I want to start talking about this more because it’s taking up a huuuuuge portion of my life right now. Maybe this blog isn’t the best place. I really, really wish I could find a layout I love!

But I digress. (Which is usual for me.)

I took part in the 2013 NaNoWriMo, and I started writing a story I’m currently calling Living Up, and the plot (so far) goes like so:

Everyone has retreated to towers to escape the sentient plant life that has turned toxic in response to humans’ abuse. When Tash gets a promotion and a new apartment, a forbidden printed book makes it into her posession. With the NECs and the government after her and the book, there’s no one left for Tash to trust.

And for the most part, that’s how the story is going. I’ve diverged a bit, of course, because I do that. I stuffed my inner editor into an empty bottle of soda, and then recycled it, and so it’s getting a little rambling. 125,396 words worth of ramble. Since nothing I’ve written before has ever really crossed 80,000 or so, I am AH-MAZED with myself.

And yet, I’m still not done. Dag nabbit. It’s good, because I still have story, and by the time I edit out the crap, I’ll still have something of decent length! But it’s bad, because this editing group thing I’m going to do starts at the end of the first week of January, and I still haven’t got a final zero draft to print out and look at.

It’s really bringing home just how little time I really have to put towards writing, because even though I’m writing every day, and most days making more than the NaNo minimum (and averaging well above it, currently), I still haven’t got my story finished. Bonus points for having the ending drafted out, though, which is at least pointing me in the direction of the end. And double bonus points for me keeping at it, even through Christmas and the kid’s TV shows, and sick. These are all good things.

Well, with the knowledge of how much I can do when I put my mind toward it, you would think I would do a little better at production in my available time. I haven’t yet, but I have done an amazing leap and bound forward in terms of daily writing. Except for no day since November ended, I’ve managed to get at least 500 words. And that’s an unprecedented achievement for me. I think I’ll take it.

In conclusion…

Yeah, in the hour it’s taken me to write this, I’ve lost track of my point. Except that I’ve done some pretty impressive writing, and I think it’s kind of fun to talk about it, and I think as long as people aren’t telling me to shut up about it, it’s good to keep talking about it. Yeah?

4 thoughts on “Current Project – Living Up

  1. Awesome work, and hooray for keeping going!

    If you’re not ready to edit when the group starts, there are things you can do, such as outlining scene by scene to see what’s happened so far, or highlight the first chapters, using different colors for dialogue, emotion, exposition, and the like to see how balanced it reads. It’s all prep-work that you can start while you’re still working on hitting the actual end of the novel.

    And yay again for the great progress! Let me know if you want a beta reader at some point.

    1. **GASP** I love it when you use words I don’t understand, Erin! (No, seriously…I need to go look up ‘exposition’. And I like learning. It’s all good.)

      I never thought about that. Mostly because beyond knowing what dialogue and emotion are, I never thought to highlight them. I need a “for dummies” book on editing, or like a website with tons of ideas like this. Do you have a recommendation?

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