November is over.

Thank you, Captain Obvious, you say.

Yes, well, I do have a firm grip on reality. Except when I don’t, like now.

I’ve been driving around since December 1st, my mind stuck in my book, fantasizing about what my characters are going to do next. It’s becoming a struggle to pull my head out of the clouds when I arrive places, and I’ve already forgotten where I was going one trip because my characters were so real, autopilot took care of the driving for me.

Right past the church. They needed an extra Cub Scout to help keep the place clean, right?

So I didn’t stop writing on November 30th. In fact, December 1st was a usual Sunday. I kind of struggled, and then moved on. Monday was spectacular, with almost 6,000. Tuesday was fair with just over the minimum 1,667. Today I’ve gotten almost the minimum just from before work and at lunch, and I plan to write frequently between now and when I go to bed.

(No promises about bedtime, though.)

I hope to keep this up until the story is done. I’ve got no deadline now, only the motivation to finish the story before January. (Wait, that’s kind of a deadline, there, isn’t it?) In January our LVPANaNo’s will be doing meetings where collaboratively we will work our novels towards publication. We’ve said we were going to do this for the past two years, but this year, it’s actually happening. (Thankfully, a WriMo has offered to help plan to keep themselves on track, and that is keeping me on track.)

I am looking forward to these January meetings more than is probably appropriate. Part of it is that I feel like I made friends this year, and I really look forward to seeing them again. (Not that everyone hasn’t been friendly in previous years. Sometimes I think my definition of “friend” is a lot stricter than everyone else’s.) Part of it is that it feels like more people are serious about their writing, and getting books published would be A) awesome if I managed to do it, and B) incredibly jealousy-inducing and motivational if someone else did it. (I’ll be honest, the jealousy monster is quite motivational in my world. I’ll congratulate you and be happy for you, at the same time I will wish it were me and wonder what I did wrong.)

But for tonight, I’m going to concentrate on finishing the story. I think this really is destined to be a 100,000-150,000 word first draft, so I need to hustle. I still need to squeeze Christmas in there somewhere.

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    1. :) TY! I know pretty soon I’m going to start sneaking my laptop into the office and running away to hide for lunch so I can squeeze another hour in somewhere. *sheepish* They really have a grip this year!

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