It’s the final stages (are you guys sick of hearing about this yet?) of my caffeine step-down, and I have something to say.

Oh my god it’s going well.

But you know, it’s like announcing a tentative raise to your family. What if it doesn’t happen? What if what you’ve heard isn’t concrete?

What if this amazing wakefulness, even at late hours and especially at early hours is some sort of fluke? What if in a week or three I get used to it, and I go back to struggling to stay awake on my drive home and two hour naps during the two hours I have with my family each night?

I’m afraid to get excited.

But still…I am excited.

Who wouldn’t be? I’ve been a hardcore caffeine addict since high school. Sodas, especially Mtn. Dew and Diet Pepsi, and most recently Amp, have been a constant presence in my every day life. Of course I can’t really compare it to a 20 year smoking habit, but…it sort of feels like I imagine that would be.

Okay, I promise I’ll think of different, more varied topics to post about from here on out. I just thought…wow. This week is just wow.

I hope it lasts.