The shoes have to die.

I have this great pair of sandals. They’re Crocs, the Patricia style. A summer ago or so they stopped making my size, which is super sad because I love them.

Even when the traction on the bottom of the shoes is good, they’re slippery as fuck. When you’ve been wearing them for two or three years and you’re starting to wear through the bottoms, the slip is amplified.

Now that the soles are thin, I stumble on them. Yep.

I went to pick up my daughter from Girl Scouts, and I need to go down a set of narrow stairs to get to her in the basement of the church. I think to myself, “Self, you’d better be careful on those stairs! Don’t forget the leader that slipped on them last year.” And I’m all proud of myself because I remembered to be careful.

It’s raining. Did I mention it’s raining?

I get inside, I start down the stairs. On the very last step, I didn’t pick up my foot enough and the front of the sandal bends back. The shoes are slippery, the stairs are slippery, I slip.

I swear. Loudly. I’m not even sorry, and bonus, the 8- to 11-year-old girls in the next room don’t hear me. A couple moms do, though.

The nurse thinks I sprained my ankle. She did nurse-y things and wrapped it in ice, and propped it up, and watched me get nauseous, then get faint, then be fine, then stand up, then sit again, then nearly faint again. We had a little bit of a hard time getting ahold of Matt because of stupid phones, but he got the text I sent from someone else’s phone. Thankfully. Because driving probably would have been stupid.

I did almost faint. I got dizzy, then sweaty, and then my vision started to get grainy and dark and splotchy. But when they opened the outside doors and put the ice pack behind my neck and got me a Coke, I did better. Then Matt got there, and drove V and I home. My car is still there. I’ll get it tomorrow morning if I can, and if not, I won’t and will just stay home.

V was pretty worried at first, because I think one of the girls broke the news that her mom is a derp and got hurt, but she came out to sit with me and felt better when I started teasing with her. When we got home, she was able to “help” me inside (making sure if I fell in the grass someone would know if I hit my head) while Matt parked the car.

I peeled some skin off the top of my foot, although I have no idea how. I think maybe I kind of bent the stupid foot backwards and did some kind of acrobatics on my way down. There’s no bleeding or anything, just a bit of swelling and pain.Thank goodness nobody saw me actually fall!

Thank goodness nobody saw me actually fall! Simultaneously, thank goodness there were people there to help! One was a nurse, the other might have been an EMT.

And after all that, it has become perfectly crystal clear: those shoes must go. They’ll be really good for killing bugs, but my sneakers can do that, too. So maybe I’ll melt them. Or dumpster them. Or tear them into two with a vice. Or a hand saw. Or who knows, but yeah. Can’t wear them anymore.


So there’s a new beast in my office and I loooooove it.

In news completely unrelated to my neuroses, I have a new computer at work! It’s large. Fabulously large. I don’t have a ruler large enough to measure it, actually, which is a new thing.

Yep, when we move offices, I’ll have one screen, no longer two. But that’s okay, because it’s a very, very large screen. I didn’t think I would, but I especially love the trackpad. There are so many gestures and swipes to make things easier, and I had no idea that some of them cross over to my laptop! Honestly, it’s a fabulous experience, and I’m so very grateful I have the time to learn to use this beast before the move happens and chaos ensues.

Once we move, I’ll no longer have the PC I’ve been using for the past several years. It was a brand new PC when I got it, and I’ve made it through a crashed hard drive, and a reduction from 64-bit to a 32-bit operating system, and a really, really loud fan issue (which seems to have resolved itself, mysteriously). I’m a little sad to part with it, and I kind of wish I could buy it off the office, but I don’t have the funds, and they use our old computers for backups when newer ones crash.

So during the next month, I’m getting a royal kick out of my super tiny keyboard and my monster screen and my conversion from PC to Apple.

Got any neat tricks or apps I can’t live without? Because I know at least one reader here is a Mac person! :D

Well I was looking forward to it, but then…

I’m going to tell myself it’s not an excuse, and then you can decide whether or not to believe me.

Tuesday night, January through September, is a night for me to get to hang out with my friends. We edit together in a little editing group, and for a really long time we had 5-6 people coming regularly. I always look forward to it, as do most of us.

Because we have so much fun, we have naturally gathered more and more people to us. It may also have something to do with the upcoming November event.

I was excited to go tonight – or looking forward to it as much as I usually do, if it didn’t precisely travel into the “excitement” category. And then I got there…

There were just too many people. People I knew, certainly, but the tables that were gathered were full. It just seemed like too much, once again, to have to pull another table over.

I didn’t expect someone else to pull a table for me.

I didn’t expect people to move for me or accommodate me.

It was just…I hate getting there late. Coming in after everyone else is always a notch against my comfort level, and like water in concrete, it’s easy then to expand the fissure until it’s overwhelming and I fall in.

Tonight I fell in.

I was fine. There was nothing wrong. I was in a fine mood, I still am, but it just felt like I didn’t belong there, and I could get what I wanted to get done much better at home.

I don’t want to give up my friends and the group, but it might help me to reassess what I intend to accomplish there. Because I couldn’t listen to a friend talk about her recent weekend, and I couldn’t participate in the conversations I wanted to, and I just really felt out of place.

It doesn’t help that I never take anything for people to edit, the original purpose of the group.


Well, also, I’m out of topics to write about for writing, so you get to listen to me whine instead. Happy Tuesday!

What kind of writer are you?


“Chase the popular market”, or, “Write whatever and market until the popular market comes to you”; — pros and cons.

Such a personal question! Really, I’m blushing!


No, seriously. So, can you write any story on any topic on demand? Or must you write how your spirit moves you?

Because that’s the answer to that question. If you can write from outline; if you can write the story someone else wants you to write; if you can see the trends and think to yourself, “Self, I can write that – and do it better, gosh darn it!”

Then by all means. Chase that popular market down like the money tree it is. Pluck every last bill from its branches and milk it like a cow, even though we just established that it’s a tree. And when you see all your friends are no longer talking about wizards and are now talking about vampires, it’s time to give your characters a facelift and switch gears.

And must you write where inspiration has driven you, parking you like a pair of high school sweethearts and demanding you write it like your French girls? (Oh man, that sentence just…okay, please ignore that. Moving on…) If that outline gets out there and you’re already bored, then screw it. (See what I did there? Inappropriate? *sigh*) Even if you’re not writing what everyone’s buying right now, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be buying it in a week. Or a month. Or a year. (Keep that sucker up for sale, that’s what I’m telling you!)

And trends have to start somewhere, with one spectacularly awesome story about friendship, and then suddenly everyone’s trying to cash in! Who is to say that your story isn’t going to be the one to jumpstart the trend?

Pros and Cons

Pros of chasing a trend:

  1. You could potentially cash in on the fast readers who devour content and need more, and can’t wait for their favorite author to write the next book in the series.
  2. You can write your version of the trend, because surely there were things you wish had been done differently in what you’ve read so far.
  3. Your story could be favorably compared to the source of the trend, giving your audience a boost.

Cons of chasing a trend:

  1. If you take too long writing your story, you could miss it entirely.
  2. If you take too long to recognize the trend, you could miss it entirely.
  3. By the time your story comes out, there could be an oversaturation of the material on the market.
  4. You risk getting your work unfavorably compared to the source of the trend.

Pros of writing whatever:

  1. Your story, your terms.
  2. You could start the next trend.
  3. Trends are cyclical, and they could come back around to your type of story sooner rather than later.
  4. You may be more productive, essentially having more chances that you’ll have a story to get caught in the next trend.
  5. You may find that you’re ready to write “in trend”, which is just a bonus.

Cons of writing whatever:

  1. You won’t have a story in the “hot genre” of the moment…until the trend sweeps back around to what you’ve written.
  2. Um…I…I can’t think of any others. You can probably tell which way I personally lean.

I’m pre-scheduling this, because I’ve found when I write in the morning I run out of time to finish my thoughts, and then the entire day goes by, and then my endings are lame. Best to just push through, and that only means extra words for Monday!

Hai, Tuesday!

Puttin’ my feet up

Because I’m still sore from Saturday, and I need an ottoman. I need someone to have a garage sale and sell a cheapo $5 ottoman that doesn’t have fleas or holes or nails sticking out.

Or a recliner. That’d work, too.

Also, nails. Must trim my fingernails.


My daughter is infatuated with nail polish, and y’know, there’s just something about it right now that stinks!

I mean it. It smells. I wish she’d keep it in her room, except the ventilation is probably worse up there, so please, keep it in the living room where we can all suffer in misery. <3

Or at least me and she. We’re watching Peel Porn on YouTube. Actually, if you’re willing to give up 7:37 minutes of your life and you’re interested in some PG-13, dry, adult humor, this woman is hilarious.

Okay, time to maneuver my butt over to the sofa. Kicking of the feets into the air…*bliss*

OH OH OH! I got a new electronic toy to use at work called an iMac, and it’s gloriously huge and fantastic and I love it! Ah, I need to remember my keyboard skin for tomorrow. I’m hoping it’ll work for that keyboard, because I’m short of funds at the moment and so I’ll make due with that until I can get the one I really want. Hint: it’s rainbow!