What’s your dream?

It’s a song! Oh, wait, that was “I Have a Dream“. Close.

No, it’s an actual question. I wanted to try to ask it yesterday morning, but awesome things happened, and I ran out of time.

Do you have a dream? Something you desperately want for your life and are working towards with varying degrees of success? And generally I’m speaking of dreams in which you may have some degree of control.

Becoming a rainbow unicorn princess is a lovely dream. Maybe a bit hard to achieve if you’re going to be literal about it, though. Still…

I have a dream. I’m sure I may have mentioned my dream once or twice before.

I want fiction writing to be my gig. To earn enough money to support my family by making up stories. To not have to report to any boss but myself. To have my own storefront where I can go every day to write, provide a safe place for all writers to gather and socialize and most importantly, write.

There are extensions on this, of course, along the same lines. Make lots of money, earn a bit of fame, help my community, and so on, and so forth. Icing, my friends. Icing.

I have a super, amazing, awesome group of friends who support me in this dream. Some cheer my accomplishments. Others help me polish my work. Still others drop me interesting things to learn and help me with my dream, polishing my skills as a writer, and even just a person.

My friend Erin gave me a link to a very interesting article by a gentleman named Benjamin P. Hardy entitled How To Make Quantum Leaps Personally And Professionally. The fantastic thing about this article, for me, is it provides me a nutshell to pass along to people that clarifies and conveys all the things I learned in a real estate selling course I took last November. (Please note – I am not a real estate agent, but if you are, you need to take the Ninja Selling course. LIFE CHANGING. Make it happen.)

The less than fantastic thing is that it’s a hard pill to swallow. For me, in the past, the idea is usually good, but it’s usually either too good to believe or too damn saccharine to handle.

You really do have to be in the right place for this kind of thing. You have to want it. You have to be willing to try even though you feel stupid at first. You have to accept that if you can’t filter out the hokey, you’re just going to feel hokey for a while until it sinks in and you see results.

So, having said that, I leave you with two things:

  1. What’s your dream?
    I want to know, because I don’t think we share our dreams enough, and it could just be that I have some information that would help you. Or I know someone who does. Or someone stops by your blog and reads and they can help. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Even if it is along the lines of rainbow unicorn princess. (I know cosplayers and costume designers, and they might be able to help with that!)
  2. Give the article a shot if you think there’s even a remote chance that I’m not bullshitting you.
    Take a look at How To Make Quantum Leaps Personally And Professionally, by Benjamin P. Hardy. Let me know if you have questions, and I’ll try to help. Doesn’t even have to be here. I have a contact form, a private Facebook, a Twitter, and I have been known to step out into public once a week, and could probably be coerced to try it again. Because I want to help you with your dream, if it’s possible for me to do so, and I think this is a step I can offer without getting more involved, if you don’t want.

Much thanks, as always, to the friends of mine who help and support me with my dream. If you’ve made it down here, to the 650-word range, know I appreciate you and everything you do and have done for me. <3

Done for the day?

Ahh, it took a little longer than I thought, but I finished up another story today. It hit at over 8,000 words when I was aiming for 5,000.

Pacing. Another thing to practice.

I learned a boatload last night on how to publish for Smashwords. I took four pages of notes on 87 PDF pages of material. I’m not exactly getting notes that will allow me never to have to refer to the source material again, but I am getting notes that are helping me understand all the things I can do, and helping it sink in more than just reading.

I’m excited. I’ve always loved the possibilities for layout with print books, and it really feels kind of like an art to me. Since I’m self-publishing, I can make it as interesting as I want. But e-books have always seemed less thrilling. You don’t have a lot of options since you want the reader to be able to set font size and color that fits them best. So I need to focus more on alignment, indents, font size, and things of that nature, and I’m learning to find the excitement in that.

Also, I’ve learned how to create a table of contents!

Covers, though. Covers are going to be the bane of my existence until I earn enough to have them designed for me.

So still on the slate for today? Not writing! More learning. Pen name bio and copyright pages must be written. Pen name social media must be kicked into gear so there’s a presence (to do just after pen name bio). And I believe there’s some family stuff to do as well.

My kids are getting disappointed that I’m not playing more Minecraft with them. I wish I could, but I feel like I’m still working on that precious balance between distractions and fun. TV and video games are a distraction, and I’ve avoided a lot of them this past week.

And I have the words to show for it.

Almost forgot! I worked my son’s pancake breakfast this morning. I enjoyed working in the kitchen on the pancakes, although my first batch was crap because I didn’t have the temp up high enough (it was on warm). I really think my house needs a griddle, for pancakes and cheese toasties (grilled cheese). It’s so easy to clean, and I could do it right on the stove. Mmm…eight pancakes or sandwiches at a time, then done, all perfect and even…

Dangit. Now I need a griddle. $$.

Taking a short break

I’ve been writing lots of words lately, much to my delight. Right now I’m working on a short story which should end up in the 5,000-10,000 word range, but it’s dragging. I had up to a particular point planned out, and I’m past that now and am not sure what to write.

So I came to say hello.


I forget where I read it, but there was something interesting floating around about how every time you make a decision it drains you. The more decisions you have, the harder new ones get to make. (Or along those lines.) So writing in the evenings might not be as easy as writing in the morning, which is why many writers write in the morning.

I wrote in the morning today and added a scene to a story I thought was finished, and it was awesome.

I’m going to write in the morning tomorrow and hopefully be able to wrap up this story, pushing it from 4,294 to perhaps 6,000. I think that would be a good length.

I also need to proof both stories, running them through Grammarly and seeing what kind of things I messed up and what kind of things I want to keep.

And I there’s a huge variety of other things to be accomplished (going to view kittens tomorrow, learning the ropes of SmashWords again, finishing the online seminars I started months ago), quotes to be drawn out and enjoyed, laundry to be finished.

I’m not going to have a lack of things to do tomorrow, that is certain.

I’m off to play with the bullet journals for a few minutes, then bedtime. Hopefully there will be a nice load of laundry ready for me soon to fold.