the Tooth Fairy

Nobody in my house believes in the Tooth Fairy anymore but me (and you could legitimately place my belief in the “source of endless amusement” category, to be quite honest).

Still, for a few years (four? more?) she’s brought Birthday Presents to our house for the kids.

(Because the economy is tight for everyone and even fairies need a day job.)

She misdelivered a few things this weekend. Not sure how that happened, but I’m certain nobody around here had a birthday. We’re all Winter Babies in this house.

Nope. Gonna have to play courier for her.

Geez, now I really need to write that story…November beckons.


Run away, two words, actually.

I’m gonna ban myself from fun stuff for a while. I have some letters I need to write, and I’m certainly not going to get them done while watching YouTube and letting games and social media catch my eye.

I had a separate login for a while for writing, but it didn’t last. I got distracted and started switching back and forth, running my games in one login, then going back to “write” (which actually ended up just being stalling until I went back to the games).

It’s official, folks. You can make it to 38 and still not have your shit together.

(And yes, I had to think about the year to make sure I knew how old I am.)


Oh, crap, I just remembered I have something to do. One moment, please…

…moments pass…

Okay, more than a few moments. And for some reason, that little task was exhausting. I was using TeamViewer to log into a computer with a higher resolution than mine, so everything was smaller than normal. I think I probably should have raised it to 100% and saved the eye strain, but then I would have had to scroll continuously. At either rate, it was tiring.

Since my coworker comes back Monday, today is my first of two days of pulling my shit back together, so I can get back to morning exercise, Bullet Journaling, and general “Things Nicki Wants to Do In Her Life”. So far I’ve slept a lot, opened my #BuJo, watched someone else’s #BuJo flip-through, got some work done for the DJ (because Salaried sucks ass), and am watching some YouTube.

I’m tired again, and may end up sleeping again soon. Hey, listening to what my body wants is important! And it wants to sleep. After Minecraft, because ZombieCleo is hilarious, and she loves rainbows.

After that…who knows? Probably Responsible Adult Shit, because I strive to be a Responsible Adult, even though it’s not usually fun. I could start even before my nap is “officially over” by cleaning the space beside my bed. The table there (from IKEA, a lovely $7 one!) is in dire need of rescue. It’s been overrun with books, notebooks, pens, dead socks, and I’m frightened as to what else. I’ll just take a garbage bag up with me, and then it’ll be like,

“Nicki. You drug me all the way upstairs. You¬†have to clean now.”

And I will.

Throw your arm in the air like you just do not care!

And stop shoving to get in the limelight.

I was at my daughter’s end-of-summer camp show, and it was fabulous. Kids aged 4-13 got on stage and performed for their parents and families. Some kids were clearly shy, some shone.

In one group, three or four girls were obviously enjoying themselves. They could be seen visibly pushing each other – subtly, of course – to get the best position. They had to be near the microphone, they had to be in the center, you had better be looking at them. One of the girls clearly wanted to be in the front, couldn’t quite worm her way up there, and was visibly distressed by it. I felt kind of bad for her.

The girl I really enjoyed watching stood behind the line of children and pushy girls and disappointed girls. She wasn’t taller than anyone, her clothes weren’t flashier.But boy was she having fun.

But boy was she having fun.

She wasn’t standing out, but she was. She didn’t push to the front, she drew attention to herself because she simply danced. She was doing her thing, for herself, not for the audience. It was awesome and I wanted to be her.

Doing a thing for the enjoyment of it, and not for the attention it brings…

That’s what powers creators, and the love of what you do is what brings the attention of those around you. At least that’s what I learned today, twice. Once from a video on how to make money, and once from a little girl dancing in the back of the group onstage.


I had thoughts…

…but I have them and forget to write them down so now, when I have time to blog, I don’t recall even a little bit of what I wanted to say.

And it’s not like there’s a lack of paper within reach. I don’t even have to use my hands. I could bite a notebook from where I am. And a pen, it seems. So there’s no excuses.

I’ve got one day left. One busy, stressful, probably a bit silly day that will run me through the wringer, I’m certain. And then the weekend. Blissfull weekendness, where I can do laundry and recover and sleep. When Monday comes around again, everyone will be back at work and the stress of trying to keep on top of everything myself at the office will be relieved.

And then I’ll get two days off.


I may go to bed now. Because I’m pooped and don’t want to do anything except get tomorrow over with.