Weekend Things

Let’s see, dull weekend stuff. I can do that! I’ve been trying for a couple of hours how to write something deeper, but I think for now since it’s so difficult to come out, I’ll go with easy.

So Saturday was laundry. An easy laundry day, despite getting a later start than I prefer. Things went quickly; I was able to get writing done, my daughter was able to play video games she enjoyed. My son stayed behind due to sick, hanging out with my husband and doing sick man things (probably video games).

While I was doing laundry, I did a thing. Minecraft is more and more interesting lately, and I want a space for my kids and me to be able to play together. I used the free Realms trial; Realms is reasonably priced and has lots of options, quite honestly. But for now, since money is an option, I decided to go with the least expensive option. For $2.50 a month, I can whitelist the kids, and we have a server.

I signed up for a Minecraft server. Oh dear, what have I done? :)

Saturday evening I covered yesterday, so you can read about that here. It was more than a little emotional, writing that post and doing some of the things I about. I ended up staying awake quite late, until 2:00 a.m. when my cat started nagging me to go to bed. I just wanted to make sure I was available in case a friend needed me.

So this morning I slept in until half past noon. It was fabulous, although I probably should have gotten up at 9:30 a.m. when I lay in bed watching a Twitch recording from Xisuma (a Hermitcraft Youtuber). That’s all right, though. Sunday, relax, good.

When I woke up, as I started to pull out the Ziploc bag I use to hold my notebooks, notecards, and stamps for my morning ritual, I caught sight of a tweet from a friend to whom I sent a notecard. The tweet led to a blog post, and then more emotion and tears similar to the night before.

Affirmations and gratitudes and reading took on an even greater weight. Is good. So good.

The rest of my day has been Minecraft, and after this, it will be writing and watching television with the kids. I have a story I think will end up in the 10,000-20,000 word range, if I can settle down and sort out the different perspectives. I have a Sunday evening task to complete that should be fairly painless, but that could change.

It’s been a rollercoaster weekend, but not a particularly bad one.


Easy to do,
easy not to do.

A friend this evening reminded me of something important tonight. Part of my morning is usually to 25 affirmations, write down three things I’m grateful for, read something positive, and on weekdays, to write two handwritten notes (or letters, as is sometimes the case). This morning I skipped my routine to get laundry started, I figured I’d get it done when I arrived at my parent’s house, but I didn’t. I forgot it all the way until just now.

They told us in our Ninja Seminar that the morning routine (part of the Ninja 9, for those in the know) is easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do. It takes such a short time, and it’s a simple thing to get done. But it’s just as easy not to get it done.

Back to my friend. My friend sent a message to let me know some important news, something that made me think of all the things in my life that I’m grateful for, and my friend asked me to pray.

I do not pray. I just don’t. I have considered myself an agnostic atheist (I don’t believe in God because I do not have proof) for ten years, and I haven’t believed since I was a child. Dinosaurs were my reason then, but I don’t know why now. Habit, I suppose.

But friends. Friends, children, husbands, parents, family – when you love them enough, and they ask for something so easy, you do your best.

My affirmations, the gratitudes I’ve written down since mid-November of last year – whether I like to admit it or not, they are a type of prayer. A prayer for what I want in my life. I might prefer to phrase it differently, but  I still do it. And it’s so easy to do, and so easy not to do.

You can bet it’ll be a long while before I let my day get so far before writing those things down again. And I might even make time for something else, my own little form of prayer in a little notebook I might carry with me. For when friends ask for prayers, and I’m reminded that a really long time ago, I used to talk to God.


When you speak…

Say what you mean,
and mean what you say.

I’ve been thinking about this particular line these past two days. I am guilty (oh, so very guilty) of saying what I think people want to hear, of saying things because they’re good “sound bites”, or just saying what I think the appropriate response is for a certain situation, then later contradicting myself when I have time to think on things or once I realize what I’ve said.

This is not a good habit to have.

It’s mostly laziness. I want to get things done, to say something for the sake of having my voice heard, and I don’t think about the words that are coming out of my mouth.

“Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

I want to make a point of thinking about what I say to make sure I mean the promises I make, and I’m not just making them to get folks out of my hair. I want to not make snide comments that I immediately regret and can’t take back.

That’s all.


I use a lot of kind of strange words and phrases. I’ve picked these up (or created them) over the years, and if I’m comfortable enough, you’ll catch them in my regular vocabulary.

Amazeballs and awesomesauce!





Groovy, neato, nifty, awesome, great, cool…

Splendid /Splendiferous

Rock on, man.

…what the pants?

Dude / Doodle

Bunny / Buddy

I’ll likely think of more as soon as I post this.

Time to tweak the plan

And by “tweak” I mean “twist it until it breaks.”

Well, maybe that’s a little drastic.

When I took the Ninja Selling class, we were led to an affirmation to write every day of the class. I continued writing that affirmation through December 31, 2015, when I switched to another (which I posted about here). When February came, I changed my affirmation again, but now I think I need to go back to square one.

It was a money-based goal.

I enjoy earning $937,500 by 12-31-2016

Which is lofty, and I won’t speak as to the feasibility of meeting that goal right now, but it had a very particular benefit that I think I’ve been missing over the past month.

It reminded me I’m a farmer.

Plant today, reap tomorrow.

Or more accurately, write stories to sell today so tomorrow (or by December 31, 2016) there are things for readers to purchase.

My affirmation for January was good, and while I could have continued it for a while longer, I think it did its job. And the affirmation I started on Tuesday is just a refinement of the affirmation mentioned above.

I’m going back.